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Providing In-Store Audio Advertising to Retail, Convenience Stores, Office Environments, including low range FM transmission solutions for Realtors and Car Dealers.
About Us
In Your Ear Audio Advertising is on the fast track of growth in 2019 - installations are being scheduled now!

Our Mission is to assist you, the store owner, to increase your sales volume through targeted audio advertising and exemplary customized and individualized customer support... and to help you, the Vendor, to make your advertising dollars work more effectively for you.

Watch your Sales, Stock Turns and Profits rise due to In Your Ear Audio Advertising!  
  • Grocery Store, Retail Store or Parking Lot traffic can be informed of your sales as they browse your aisles or cruise your lot.
  • Pull more people into your Convenience Store with Gas Pump MessagingTM.
  • Inform your waiting room patients and ease their minds with a Medical Office Waiting Room system.
  • Install an Informational system to let customers know where items are located in your office, store, rest stops, bus terminals and airports.

And all the time be entertaining them with a nice mix of music of your choice or our suggestion. We have Top 40 and Top 100 Pop and Country and many other genres if you choose to get more specific.

Company history
In Your Ear Audio Advertising (IYEAA) has been in business since 1999. We installed over 60 units throughout the northeastern states reaching all the way to Lexington, KY. We have worked with C-Store franchises to have both In-Store Audio Advertising and Gas Pump MessagingTM. We have installed informational systems in Bank lobbies by ATM machines to tell customers about bank services. We have done grocery and retail In-Store Audio Advertising. 

IYEAA can install a full sound system if your store needs it or we provide the IYEAA Audio Advertising system to connect to your existing store sound system. We will work with your chosen electrician or in-house maintenance team to install a working system for your operation. For Gas Pump MessagingTM we will instruct your maintenance team or we will arrange a sub-contractor to install speakers above your gas pumps and islands as needed.

The IYEAA system is a customized computer based system that regenerates the music play list randomly every day and interjects a music mix of your choosing from our vast library of many genres and music styles. We can also acquire any type of music you prefer and all music royalty fees are covered in the contract. We customize the commercials to your individual store location even for large-chain and franchise operations. 

IYEAA is on the fast track of growth coming into this year and orders are already piling in. Let us set up an installation plan for your multi-unit operation soon.

We also have
National Vendor commercial support. If you are a vendor of products to grocery, retail and c-stores, contact us to play your commercials into the stores via the In Your Ear Audio Advertising systems where we are...
Bringing People, Product & Promotion TogetherTM
Examples From Satisfied Customers
A Fast Food operation in Lexington, KY, installed the IYEAA system in their eight franchise stores just before a new product was to be introduced for a month long run. But, sad to say, they attributed their inability to keep stock in inventory to the fact that everyone hearing about the newly promoted product in the store ordered so much that the supplier ran out of stock in THREE days, instead of the month long run that was supposed to happen!

A C-Store (Convenience Store) in Connecticut installed the IYEAA system in their store just as summer started. Their intention was to promote a new fangled ice cream novelty bar to the people standing on the tarmac pumping gas. Customers came into the store after filling up and asked about the new ice cream bar... But, sad to say, the owner pointed to the empty slot in the freezer and said, "Sorry, we can't get enough to keep everyone happy".

In Your Ear Audio Advertising through In-Store Radio and Gas Pump MessagingTM have been proven in many installations and many situations already. Are you ready to move your stock out of your store in a hurry? Try...
Bringing People, Product & Promotion TogetherTM

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