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Providing In-Store Audio Advertising to Retail, Convenience Stores, Office Environments, including low range FM transmission solutions for Realtors and Car Dealers.
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Get your clients advertising into the store via the In Your Ear Audio Advertising system. We present your clients audio advertising to our customers by Bringing People, Product & Promotion TogetherTM.

I bet you do the whole store marketing campaign for them. You include shelf talkers, window signs, endcap signs. You probably do television/cable advertising. And I bet you do radio commercials for them. But have you been able to get INTO the store itself to fill all that empty store airspace with audio messaging?  We have the vehicle to get your advertising to more people than signage and video alone can fulfill.

The latest trend now is video display advertising.  Video display advertising is great for the 3-8 year old crowd and usually a welcome babysitter for the harried shopper parents. But those youngsters don’t have the buying power that the store owner is looking for.  And it takes away from the customer’s busy schedule.  They don’t have time to stop and watch commercials.  Most consumers channel surf past commercials while watching television at home. Are they really going to come to a store and stop to watch a commercial there? Audio advertising allows them to keep going about their business of shopping and still getting the advertising messages presented to them.

Radio station broadcast advertising is good for getting the general message out to who knows how many consumers. But do they remember your clients advertising by the time they get to the store? Or is your hard work lost in the myriad of other commercials and conversation that happens on a radio station? Bring your audio commercial into the store where the people, the product and the promotion meld together into one consumer shopping cart.

We also mix the stores choice of genre of music to entertain customers. While customers are dancing to the music being piped into the store they are also attuning themselves to be listening to what is coming next. The In Your Ear Audio Advertising system is a private radio station right in the store. We do coming-ups to announce songs that will be playing after the next set of commercials. We do a DJ like voice-over to tell info about the songs and artists. And when the customers are listening to interesting and informative statements such as these that attract their attention skyward, they are more attuned to listen to your audio commercials.

The In Your Ear Audio Advertising system is not just a loop track. It is a computer based system that allows us to schedule commercial clusters. We present 24 commercial clusters in a 2 hour cycle, each cluster comprised of 2-3 separate audio commercials. After each 2 hour cycle we shuffle the clusters to create a pseudo-random order to the commercials. This keeps the employees from being driven crazy by hearing the same commercial at the same time every two hours during their shift.

We also randomly present the music each day. The song list is built by computer each day from the store’s choice of genres. And we have many genres of music available… Top 10-40-100 groupings in Country, Pop, Hit, R&B, Rock, Classical and many others.

We can also do commercials in different languages to target ethnic populations. We have different accents available for areas (for example: Northerner, Southerner, Yankee, Bostonian, New Yorker, Deep South, Westerner).

Since we use a computer based system we have the capability to do tagalong commercials. An advertiser could play a two part commercial putting part A in one commercial cluster, followed by a song, then part B would play in the following commercial cluster. This technique stretches the memory factor of the consumer. They hear the same company advertising but by breaking up the commercials into two parts across the song allows it time to sink in, and then get refreshed just moments later.
We can do Day Parting where commercials are played in the morning or evening hours.  And Week Parting for commercials meant for a specific day of the week, i.e.  Saturday Handyman Shopper special or Tuesday Senior Citizen Day.

Whether you create advertising campaigns for end user customers or for vendor/suppliers we have the vehicle to get your audio advertising into the stores by...
Bringing People, Product & Promotion TogetherTM

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