Bringing People, Product & Promotion Together (TM)

Providing In-Store Audio Advertising to Retail, Convenience Stores, Office Environments, including low range FM transmission solutions for Realtors and Car Dealers.
Benefits of Advertising on the In Your Ear Audio Advertising system 
Advertising is inside the store where the people, the product and your promotion are all together

24/7 play with 2 hour cycle – one spot package average play 84 times per week, 3 spot package gets over 252 plays

Pseudo random play so store personnel don’t hear the same commercial at the same time during the two hour cycle play

Capable of doing tagalong commercials. Part A plays in one commercial cluster, then another song, then Part B plays in the following commercial cluster tying the two parts together.

Professionally recorded voices – male/female choices, ethnic flavors, foreign languages, regional accents available

Packages available from 1 spot up to 6 spots per two hour cycle

Targeted approach puts message into store with your product and paying customers

Can be customized to store level, city, region, state, or whole US. We can get your message to stores in your desired region.

Day parting/week parting available (based on store setup)

Dated commercials possible – start and end date for play (based on store advertising cycle – usually weekly turn, could be monthly for smaller stores)

CD quality audio is used

We can produce the commercial from raw script to finished product which is so crucial in...
Bringing People, Product & Promotion TogetherTM

For the Store Owner wanting to sell Product
Store owners - now the customer is on your turf… they can’t just channel surf past the commercial and they are in the store where your product is available for them to buy
The customer hears your message no matter where they are in your store as opposed to signs, shelf talkers, video display ads that get a 3-7 second glance as they walk on by.

Increases impulse sales when the customer hears about the product and knows it is just around the corner in the next aisle
For the Vendor wanting to do Promotion
Vendors can customize your commercials to target stores within the same region – chain A could play your ad A, chain B next door could be playing ad B.
Customers don’t have to ‘work’ to get your product – IF they hear it on the radio, they have to write it down, go to the store, remember to get your product. Now, they are already in the store and the product is right at hand
Use your marketing/advertising agency to create the commercial and give us that file to play – keeps your marketing consistent
Rifle coverage of your message into the store/chain you want to advertise in – instead of broadcasting shotgun coverage ads over the broadcast public radio airwaves.

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