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Gas Pump MessagingTM
Your Convenience Store has made it easy for customers to drive up to the pump, pay at the pump, get their gas and drive off.  But isn't this convenience you gave them now costing you money?  How do you get those people into your store to purchase your other products?  How can you recapture those drive-by customers?
We have the answer for you right here in... Gas Pump MessagingTM.  Install the In Your Ear Audio Advertising system to play your advertising commercials outside at the pump.  Grab their attention.  Let them know what is in your store – milk, coffee, bread, snacks, lottery, oil, anti-freeze, things to make their trip more comfortable. 
Look at all you can do with the In Your Ear Audio Advertising Gas Pump Messaging System
Gives your store a warm, friendly, exciting atmosphere – Don't leave the customers just standing there pumping gas – inform and entertain them

Tell about upcoming local events  - promote that feel good feeling that this is the place to find out what is going on

Sell lottery/lotto tickets

Alcohol and tobacco messages available – reminders – we proof, don’t drink and drive, drink responsibly, tobacco health messages.  This is your own private 'radio station,' so you can advertise alcohol and tobacco products responsibly.

Advertise the cleanest restrooms in town for the weary traveler

Ask us for assistance – we will check oil, water, washer fluid, wipers – gives you a chance to sell more products to refill/replace those items

Tout your car wash

Get road maps or directions inside

Mention your hours of business

Music choice selected by you – not locked into one genre as with CD, satellite, radio station (and fees are paid also)

Advertise local complimentary businesses – if you don't have your own service bay, sell spots to auto parts store, tire store, car wash, AAA, insurance company, travel agents

Tips to get better gas mileage – tune-up, speed limit, tire pressure, gas additive (sell, sell, sell)

Pay at the pump for your convenience but remember to come inside for your coffee and cold soda

Advertise ice cream novelties during the summer, hot chocolate during winter (check our Who We Are page for a story about how well this works)

Employee of month – tell them to come in and say, 'Hi!' and find out why

Sell gas cards, credit card applications, phone cards, cell phones

Get cold beverages here

Buy gas gift card for a friend's birthday


Look at all the In Your Ear Audio Advertising system does



Store level ads

Localized pricing advertisement available – can set prices by store, not locked into chain wide pricing promotion, advertise local commodity prices by store/region

24/7 play

Stretches your ad dollar

Professional installation

We get you up and running (working with your maintenance department if outside speakers need to be installed)

Weekly/monthly cycle

Advertising schedule to fit your needs

Computer based so CD quality

Professional sound, no station drift like using regular radio

Autoload cycle commercials

Plug in the load key, ads start on start date, end on end date – removes dated ads at end of promo cycle

No repeat music

Don’t hear the same songs over and over and over

ASCAP, BMI and SESAC fees paid

Don’t worry about legalities from them for playing music publicly in your commercial establishment

Computerized system

No touch, just plug in the load key

Internet connection available

Quick updates, fixes, troubleshoot if need be

No hardware cost for PC

No investment required

Quick replacement of down system

We swap out the unit, we don’t try to fix it on your time or in your store

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