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Providing In-Store Audio Advertising to Retail, Convenience Stores, Office Environments, including low range FM transmission solutions for Realtors and Car Dealers.
How does the In Your Ear Audio Advertising system work?
We give you individualized store level advertising by using a computer rather than just a receiver to operate.   The system becomes your own private "radio station" in your store.

We have been developing and refining the system over many years to make sure it is a stable automated system. All you do is plug in the new load key each week and the computer takes over from there.

There are two main functions of the computer system: the advertising side and the background music side.

On the advertising side, the automated program is in charge of running the system. Its jobs are:

On the music side, the program takes care of:


Load new advertising cycle commercials to start your sales promotion period

Randomly build the playlist for each day so you aren’t hearing the same songs in the same order day after day



Unload ads at the end of your advertising promotion cycle so weekly specials are not extended beyond the end date

Makes sure you only hear a song once per day (per genre) – there are no repeats in our playlist **



Schedule the commercial clusters to play between each song making sure that songs are not overlayed or interrupted by commercials

Announce upcoming songs and information about songs, titles and artists to keep your customers entertained



Shuffles the commercial cluster order so you aren’t hearing the same commercial loop every two hours

Plays the full length song without cutting in by the DJ or the commercials



Play your own store specific station ID and greeting announcements

Sounds like your own private radio station



Track the commercial play counter to verify how many times each commercial cluster plays for auditing purposes needed for possible co-op dollars

All music on In Your Ear Audio Advertising is family friendly.  We don't allow harsh or derogatory language songs on our systems.



Optional Day Parting – can have commercials meant for the morning or evening

Track song usage for ASCAP, BMI & SESAC reporting



Optional Week Parting – can have commercials meant for specific days of the week – advertise a Saturday Special Only or a Senior Citizens Day

** (a song could be in multiple genre choices and therefore could play more than once in a daily cycle)











How does it get installed into my store? How do we get the new advertising commercials in place? 
  • We arrange to have our system professionally installed and connected to your existing paging/sound system
  • We plug the computer audio feed into your existing sound system
  • It doesn’t interrupt paging
  • Internet access is installed to allow remote maintenance and repairs, including Internet synch-to-time server to keep the time on the computer correct for promotion cycling
  • If you need sound system upgrades, we work with you to accomplish the best fit for your store
  • Your asssigned store team calls you weekly for ad changes and to update you on new vendor offerings
  • We produce the commercials to your specifications and requests and procure national/regional vendor commercials to be installed on the system
  • We create the load key individualized for your store and deliver it a few days before start date – insert it immediately so you don’t forget and the commercials will start on the scheduled date (and stop on end date).  Return the old load key in the prepaid envelope for auditing purposes
  • We have a web page available so you can review music choices and ad list/layout of commercial clusters
  • You can do previews of commercials available via our web site with your access code – you can preview commercials that we have put together for you

  • How do I sign up and get this system installed?

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