Bringing People, Product & Promotion Together (TM)

Providing In-Store Audio Advertising to Retail, Convenience Stores, Office Environments, including low range FM transmission solutions for Realtors and Car Dealers.
In-Store Audio Advertising sells your product for you
In Your Ear Audio Advertising brings your advertising back into your store.  This is how we are Bringing People, Product & Promotion TogetherTM for you.   Do your advertising right here in your own store where your advertising dollars make the most sense.  Now you have the customer here with their hand hovering over the product you are trying to sell.  Give them that little extra push by reminding them with your promotional message.  You've spent a lot of money to get them to come to your store with print, radio and television advertising.  Now remind them while they are in your store to pick up your products.
Pick from our national and regional vendors commercials to sell more name brand product
Tell about your Employee of the Month
Advertise your own in-store weekly specials that didn't make it into the print advertising
Advertise special in-store offers - A following of customers will be built as they hear about exclusive specials on the in-store radio system.
Be an information service - tell about local events and use Public Service Announcements to build community comfort with your store
Individualized advertisements are available even in large chain/franchise operations because of our computerized audio system
Your choice from many genres of music - mix and match to please your whole staff, not just one particular manager.  Other background music providers can't do a mix for you - you need to select one channel and play that one type of music all day.
New music arrives with every load key along with the updated advertisements you are running for that week.
Two hour cycle of advertising with 72 commercial slots available.  Ensures the advertising messages get heard - and they are shuffled after each two-hour cycle so your employees don't get commercial burnout hearing the same pattern during their shift.
Music is for the employees, commercials are for the customers.  Keep employees happy with an appealing mix of music and they will be more productive.
Have informational messages about your store and products.  It doesn't have to be only commercials - tell about recipes (and therefore what products they need for the recipe).  Tell customers you have the freshest meats in town.  Tout your bakery department.  How about your fresh produce?
And your advertising doesn't have to be just your own in-store items.  Advertise local complimentary businesses (sell them advertising spots on your system).
By using the In Your Ear Audio Advertising system you too will be...
Bringing People, Product & Promotion TogetherTM

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