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Parking Lot Shopper RadioTM
Are you losing sales opportunities when you go home at night?  Do you find that some people want to cruise your car dealership just to look at the cars, but then drive off?  Take this opportunity to tell them about those vehicles and invite them in to hear more.
Parking Lot Shopper RadioTM makes you a “salesrep-in-a-box.”  Now you can use your own voice to tell prospective customers about the vehicles being offered for sale on your lot.  The system is a computerized low-power radio station that transmits on an FM frequency. The prospect drives through your car lot while tuned in on their car radio to the posted FM station and they can hear your voice telling them about the cars and trucks. Give them an exciting presentation of vehicles they are viewing explaining all the benefits included.  Now they get to 'see' the inside of the vehicle without an appointment.
  • Customers hear about your product while sitting in the comfort of their own car
  • Customers don’t feel sales rep pressure to hear about vehicles, but will then ask to hear more
  • Tell them about your inside service shop and services
  • Recordings in your sales representatives own voices talking about each vehicle
  • Let them know about financing options available

Create an audio moving tour around your parking lot – let the customer follow your voice to the next vehicle being talked about.
Put a system in for different areas of your lot - new cars, used cars, trucks and utility vehicles - each has it's own FM frequency - then you can better target the interests of your buyers.

Round-the-clock sales rep on duty, even works commission free.
Comes with an announcement sign with the FM channel to tune into - Post this near the main entrance of your parking lot as people drive in.

Self-contained system, just plug it in and ready to go.

Vehicle counter – tell how many people came thru after hours/weekends/anytime.
Sample PLSR demo file.  Finished product will use multiple Voice Talents male and female.
(this is a 2.5Mb file and will take a few minutes to download to play on most systems)
Pique your potential customer's curiosity
Tell them about features in the car they can't see just by looking in the window - OnStar, GPS, Satellite Radio, Heated Seats, Leather Seats, family-friendly seating, easy to use seatbelts, airbags, what's under the hood
Talk about your credit or financing options

Promote complimentary neighboring services – car wash, movie theater, restaurants, places their new vehicle will take them
Make money with your radio station
Sell advertising spots to complimentary businesses and services that your consumer can now visit with their new wheels
insurance companies
offer a gas card promo with test drive
car wash
tire store
service bay
local businesses
travel agents
travel destinations they can go to in their new vehicle

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