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Providing In-Store Audio Advertising to Retail, Convenience Stores, Office Environments, including low range FM transmission solutions for Realtors and Car Dealers.
Realty For Sale RadioTM
Realty For Sale RadioTM makes you an “agent-in-a-box.”  Now you can tell prospective customers about the property being offered for sale in your own voice while you are not even there.  The system is a computerized low power radio station that transmits on an FM frequency.  The prospect drives up in front of the house and tunes their car radio to the posted FM station where they can hear you telling them about the house.  Give them a virtual tour of the inside of the house, walking from room to room explaining all the features inside.  Now they get to 'see' the inside without an appointment.
This system far exceeds other systems because you are not limited to an eight minute loop tape.  Our suggested script for the system is to use 45 second clips telling about the house, interspersed with commercial advertisements for complimentary services a home owner would be interested in.  We program 24 time slots for your virtual tour and 24 time slots for advertising and service messages.
And, this round the clock agent is your on-duty 24/7 sales representative touting the benefits of the property.

Tell customers about local attractions, school, grocery stores, retail stores, bus routes, highway access and even sell 'radio' commercials to use co-advertisements to reach out to more consumers:
  • Moving companies such as move-yourself rentals or cross-country movers
  • Consumer services such as phone service, internet service, cable service, utilities, banks
  • Local shops and businesses to help the consumer get settled - furniture stores, retail stores, department stores
  • Promote complimentary neighboring services – car wash, movie theater, restaurants
  • Offer the legal side - lawyers, mortgage bankers, insurance agents

People counter included - put the sensor pointing across the driveway and it counts how many vehicles come to view your property listing.

Customers hear about your product while sitting in comfort of their own car.

Create an audio tour around the inside of the house for sale – let the customer follow your voice to 'see' the next room being talked about.

If the house you want to sell with this system does not have electric turned on, you could put this system in the neighbor's house and still be able to transmit to prospects stopping by.  (Just offer the neighbor a stipend to use their electric service).

Comes with sign to announce which station customers need to tune into.

Recordings in your agent's own voice talking about each property.

Sample RFSR demo file.  Finished product will use multiple Voice Talents male and female.
(this is a 2.5Mb file and will take a few minutes to download to play on most systems)
Tell me more about the system
computer generated system
CD quality recordings
non-stop play
people counter
small enough to be portable
pre-programmed - just plug it in onsite
self contained case
uses household electric
comes with Frequency Announcer sign
Call us to set up an appointment and let us show you how you can sell your Realty offerings 24/7. 


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