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Transit Advertising RadioTM for your City Bus Operation
The Transit Advertising RadioTM System is a computerized unit meant to be installed on public buses.  It is small enough to install next to the driver.  At the start of the shift, the driver puts in the load key – it is specific to their route and includes the driver's music genre choice selection and advertisements related to their route.  All music on In Your Ear Audio Advertising is family-friendly.  We don't allow harsh or derogatory language songs on our systems.

The onboard radio system provides:

  • Advertising – sell advertisement spots to businesses along the routes – packages available per route or all routes
  • Information – let clients know where services are located on the route by street or stop number
  • Announcements - Route information and connections information
  • Entertainment – choice of genres of music. Each driver can select their preference as they listen to it all day long and they may know their client's/patrons' preferences. 

Have your own ‘radio station’ for the bus company with station identifications such as, “You’re listening to YourCity Transit Radio”

How it works
Ties into current bus paging speakers - doesn’t interrupt bus paging microphone usage

Music updates are added with each new load key – always getting fresh songs added to the system

Random song list every shift (loaded with load key) – don’t hear the same songs in the same order each day
Songs are not interrupted by commercials, as we play the full song.
Announce info and trivia about songs, titles, artist, coming-ups to keep the system entertaining and interesting
How to best use the system 
Advertisements are available from national vendors, regional vendors, local vendors

ASCAP, BMI & SESAC fees are covered

Makes the ride more friendly, warm, exciting

PC could be used to track other info by driver. Computerized paperwork turned in at end of shift on load key, dispatcher extracts info into main computer (route #, stop #, location, date/time stamp, people on, people off)

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