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Providing In-Store Audio Advertising to Retail, Convenience Stores, Office Environments, including low range FM transmission solutions for Realtors and Car Dealers.
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You get your word OUT to the people via broadcast radio and mass marketing methods but have you been able to bring your message INTO the store where your product, the promotion and the people are all together to make the sale NOW?

The In Your Ear Audio Advertising system is an excellent medium for Bringing People, Product & Promotion TogetherTM.  Now that you have the consumer standing next to your product with money in hand, remind them of why they want your product as compared to the next item down the aisle.  Remind them that your advertising brought them here to the store to buy your label.  Remind them again of what they have been seeing on your television commercials and hearing on your broadcast radio commercials.  Sure, they've heard your commercial while they weren't here at the store, but they've heard many other advertisements also.  So much advertisement overload confuses the customer.  They remember they were here for something but what was it... when all of the sudden your jingle comes through the store paging system and reminds them!  "Oh yeah, well that is just around the next aisle, I'll grab that while I'm here and thinking of it."

With the In Your Ear Audio Advertising system your messages can be unique to store level even in chain/franchise operations.  Of course, you most likely do want to play your same message to all markets for consistency, and we accomplish that.  With us you have the benefit of being able to gear your message to the type of establishment you are advertising in.  You can have a target message for each of grocery stores, retail stores and convenience stores.  You could have a version that is meant for hospitals or on city buses.  Different venues can be targeted to attract different buying markets.

Audio advertising:

  • Beats signage
  1. Customer has to be in front of sign to get your message
  2. What if they don’t go down that aisle of the store? You don’t get your message to them on this shopping trip.
  3. Signage only gets a 3-7 second glance.
  4. Your audio message gets into their ears from anywhere in the store

  • Beats broadcast radio
  1. Your audience is here in the store
  2. What if you didn't advertise on their favorite radio station?  You've lost that sales opportunity.
  3. Are they always listening on their car radio or at home?  Then where is your advertising dollar going?
  4. Broadcast goes to anyone anywhere  - if they are sitting at home how are they going to buy your product as they hear your message?
  5. How many times per day will broadcast radio play your commercial?  1 spot on the In Your Ear Audio Advertising system plays an average of 84 times per week, 3 spots yields over 252 times per week!
  6. Target your message to the locations where you product is available for purchase now

  • Beats video display advertising
  1. Customer has to stand in front of the monitor to hear your message
  2. Takes up their time
  3. At home they channel surf past commericals - are they going to stand here in the store to watch a commercial?
  4. Audio reaches them all around the store
  5. They multi-task and go about their business while hearing your commercials
  6. Video advertising works as a babysitter for 3-8 year olds, but they don't have the buying decision power

More about the In Your Ear Audio Advertising system

Targeted into the store where we are Bringing People, Product & Promotion TogetherTM

You’ve used your broadcast radio and television advertsing to get people to go to the store – now remind them while they are here in the store to get your product

Sounds like a radio station, and it is – a private radio station for that store only. Yields targeted results because your promotion is here with the people that have the urge (and the means) to buy.

Don’t waste your airtime dollars on people that are not capable of buying your product now.  General broadcast radio just splays your message all over the county (shotgun approach) but advertising in-house puts your message in the consumers ear right here right now (targeted rifle approach).

Only pay per store.   Broadcast radio you pay to go who knows where.  With our system you only pay to put your message into the store itself which once again is Bringing People, Product & Promotion TogetherTM.

You can provide your audio file (use your own advertising agency to produce it) or we can take your idea from raw thought to finished product.

We can use your audio files – use your own marketing/advertising agency to create your spots for consistency of your organization.

Tagalong commercials available – part one in commercial cluster A, then a song, then part two in the following commercial cluster.

Day/week parting of commercials available based on customer site.  Target messages to morning/evening or to day of the week.

Audio messaging in the store increases the probability of impulse sales.

Advertise in grocery, retail, c-store, any combination or all types.

Advertising in medical office, hospitals, banks and other business types available.

Advertise on Realty For Sale RadioTM  Parking Lot Shopper RadioTM  or Gas Pump MessagingTM systems.

 Now contact us and we'll show you how we are... 
Bringing People, Product & Promotion TogetherTM
Spot availability
24/7 play of your spots, 2 hour cycle typical
Commercial clusters are shuffled each 2 hour cycle - pseudo-random arrangement so same commercial does not play at same time in each 2 hour cycle

Spot packages available from 1 spot to 6 spots for the 2 hour cycle

Only 72 spots maximum available per store, ensures your message gets play time

Spot length available from 10-30 seconds each
Get onboard now before available spots fill up 
Coverage availability
Nationwide/regional/city level coverage – you can specify what range or region you want to cover

You can allow/deny locations you want to advertise in – broadcast radio goes everywhere with no discretion – our system puts your message dollars into the particular store where your product is available for immediate purchase

Regional vendors can advertise in just their region - not paying for coverage beyond your territory boundaries

Local vendors can pick neighborhood markets to advertise in

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