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Providing In-Store Audio Advertising to Retail, Convenience Stores, Office Environments, including low range FM transmission solutions for Realtors and Car Dealers.
Medical Office, Dentists, Nursing Homes & Hospitals 
Our system is beneficial for your medical office environment, and hospital lobbies and waiting rooms.  You can play calming music to quell your patients' and visitors' nerves (remember the monster in Young Frankenstein?  As soon as the violin started, he settled right down).
You can also use the system to tell clients about your services, health tips, happenings around the hospital, local drug stores to fill their prescriptions and more. 
This system is great for a nursing home environment.  We can keep reminding your clients about upcoming functions so your staff doesn't have to keep repeating it over and over for them.
Here are more ways to benefit from In Your Ear Audio Advertising in your buildings:
Informative advertising available
Dentist – remind clients to floss, brush, regular checkups
Doctor – weight-watch tips, exercise tips, signs to watch for heart attack/stroke
Vendor ads – drug manufacturers, toothpaste/brush/floss, local health clubs, YMCA, AHA, Quit Smoking programs, health-related product vendors, i.e. band-aids, tissues, back braces
Physical Therapy offices can play exercise tips

Different languages available to reach ethnic groups

Calming music choices if desired – classical, gentle pop, instrumental

Local drugstore advertisers

HIPAA reminders

Health tips

Insurance assistance, options

Tell about newest techniques you are using in your office

Remind patients to Ask Questions, we are here to help you

How to contact us during/after hours, who to talk to about test results

Heart, stroke, Alzheimer’s, cold/flu tips

Reminder about shots due – flu, tetanus 10 yr, age group/yearly recommendations

Health insurance plans, providers



Eat healthy – food pyramid

Drink water

Doctor profiles – credentials, hobbies, family, personal – let patient get to know you

Reminder to update health profile – let us know

Recommend friends, family – new patients welcome

Personalized radio station – "You’re listening to 'YourMedicalOffice' Radio"

Talk about hospital affiliations.

Hospital – play calming music, tell about the gift/flower shop, tell about the hospital history, announce upcoming events – classes for heart, diabetes.

Using the In Your Ear Audio Advertising system, also gives you the ability to have dated advertisements.  The load key is based on a start and end date for your cycle of messages.  This gives us the ability to announce dated classes and events and not have the advertisement go days past the event.  Day parting and Week parting are also available.  You can have certain announcements on certain days of the week or even a set of Morning/Evening announcements.
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