Bringing People, Product & Promotion Together (TM)

Providing In-Store Audio Advertising to Retail, Convenience Stores, Office Environments, including low range FM transmission solutions for Realtors and Car Dealers.
When We Do It
From signup to startup we do the following steps:

Phase One 

We assign a production team to work with your store/company advertising squad.


Music mix choice is selected and programmed by customer.  Decide what genres of music you want and what percentage of those genres – i.e. 30% Top 40 Hits, 40% Top 100 Country, 30% Top Pop.


We start working with your corporate office to choose vendor commercials that you want in your store.  You may want to allow/deny certain vendors.  For example, you might be ABC Grocery so you don’t want LMN Grocery store specific ads playing in your store, but you do allow Coca Cola and Kraft.  Or you may only sell Coca Cola and not Pepsi, so you don't want Pepsi ads on your system.

Phase Two Your store-specific ads get compiled and produced.  Our script writers work with you to produce your professional commercial for the system.  Then our voice talents record the exciting informational message.
  Your company ads are compiled and produced.  We can use audio advertisements you already have for your corporation or our talented team can make vibrant commercials for you to use on the system.
  Public service messages can be gathered – local pet shelter, women’s shelter, heart association, church down the street
  Arrangement of commercial clusters will be compiled.  You don’t want Coca Cola and Pepsi in the same cluster of commercials. But maybe you do want to make sure that Pepsi and Lays are in the same cluster.  Also tagalong commercials can be arranged – a vendor supplies a two-part commercial; part A plays in one cluster, then a song, then part B follows in the next cluster (we CAN do that!)
  Load music choice files.
  Hardware has to be setup, programmed, loaded and configured.  Internet access has to be arranged. We custom load the computer for each store.
  Burn-in of the computer to ensure it works on arrival.
  Make recommendations for your in-store paging system to do the best job for you – we can make arrangements to have your system repaired and/or upgraded if needed.  (See below)
Phase Three Arrange onsite installation of the system and training .
  Show you what the load key is and how and when to install it into the system to load the next commercial cycle.
  Importance of returning the used load key so we can give you reports on what commercials and songs are playing on your system. We also need the load key for proper reporting to ASCAP, BMI and SESAC.
  Make sure the store has sufficient sales stock for the commercials that will be on the In Your Ear Audio Advertising system.  When the commercials start playing, the stock starts moving.
Phase Four Turn on the system and watch customers dance in the aisles!

Try to keep up with the product moving out the door.

Bask in the knowledge that you are now...


Bringing People, Product & Promotion TogetherTM

Why upgrade your In-store paging system?
Our general recommendation is to have ceiling speakers spaced apart 1.5 times the height of your ceiling. If your ceiling speakers are spaced farther apart then you have to turn up your paging system too much.  This overdrives the speakers and you do not get clear sound. It’s better to have more speakers and less volume to get a clear sound.   This should also eliminate dead audio spots in the store.
We check to make sure you have proper coverage in high noise areas – over freezer/cooler cases where fans drown out the music/commercials. In those areas we may suggest tapping the speaker to a higher wattage. But be careful - you have to make sure your paging amplifier can handle the number of speakers and total wattage you are requiring in the store.
It is really a small long-term investment to upgrade your PA system to get the most out of In Your Ear Audio Advertising. You don’t want to overdrive the speakers and make the sound muddy. You want to have a clear home theater sound to make it enjoyable to listen to all day.
And with more coverage, you won’t have to scream into the microphone when you are trying to page your team members in the store.
When should we install this system?
When sales are down you have a tendency to cut back on your advertising.  Budget cuts must occur and advertising is always one of the first places companies slice thinking they are saving money.
But advertising is what brings customers into the store.  I'm sure you've noticed reduced customer counts on weeks when you do not have a sales flyer.  Why?  Because they are going to the store down the street that continued to advertise.
The time to hit customers with your best shot is when you have them in your store.  Your audio message reminds your customers that you have plenty of product right here in your store for them to fill their shopping baskets.
So, the answer to the question of  'When should we install this system?' is... weeks ago!  Because then you would be starting your advertising message today that will be...
Bringing People, Product & Promotion TogetherTM