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Providing In-Store Audio Advertising to Retail, Convenience Stores, Office Environments, including low range FM transmission solutions for Realtors and Car Dealers.
Why advertising works with the In Your Ear Audio Advertising system compared to other methods 

Why In Your Ear Audio Advertising and why not Radio, CD player, Satellite or a Loop tape?

In Your Ear Audio Advertising system

Broadcast Radio

CD Player

Satellite Providers

Loop Tape

Custom commercials that are unique to each store even in chain/franchise operations Limited commercial capability – they play their sponsored commercials you have no choice Lost money by not advertising Limited commercial capability - not able to do store-specific commercials Will play the commercials for you... well the 3-4 that are on this short loop
Two hour cycle of advertising to help you make money non-stop.  Commercials play 24/7 and give advertisers many spots during the day/week Cost per spot high compared to number of spot plays and times of day Limited commercial availability, if any Very expensive to advertise, may not be your advertising you hear

You gotta be crazy to play a loop tape day after day in your store!

Computerized system controls the commercial and music playback, there is no overlap DJs and Commercials interrupt the songs, which drives your listening audience crazy No advertising possible or it overlays the music Commercials interrupt the music because they don't know when the song is over Commercials don't interrupt the music, that's for sure

ASCAP, BMI and SESAC fees are paid by In Your Ear Audio Advertising

Radio leaves you vulnerable to ASCAP, BMI and SESAC – fees must be paid to publicly broadcast music in your commercial establishment

ASCAP, BMI and SESAC fees must be paid even with CD music

ASCAP, BMI and SESAC fees are paid

No 'music' to worry about, usually just digital chirping between commercials

More variety of songs and genres and you get to pick the mix you want in your store (i.e. 30% Top 40 Hits, 40% Top 100 Country, 30% Top Pop).  We have many other genre choices available

Play the station genre only, your 'choice' is in changing to a different radio station

Plays the same CD over and over

Locked into one genre of music, limited variety unless you physically change the channel feed

What music? That digital chirping between the advertisments?

You control the commercial content that is playing in your store.  Advertise your chosen products and services, not the whim of the outside music provider

Competitors could be advertising in your store – they visit your store, find out what radio station you play, then contact that radio station and put their commercials on that station

You can control the fact that you have no/limited advertising

At the whim of the service.  Play what commercials they have, not your store advertising

Only used for music on hold where the customer is not expected to be there more than 1-3 minutes

Our system plays the song once per genre  in a 24 hour period – (a song could play more than once because it could be in multiple genres)

Repeat music many times throughout the day

I hope you like that CD to play it over and over all day

Repeat music probable throughout the day

You'll hear the same thing over and over...

You'll hear the same thing over and over...

(oh did i say that already?)

Professionally recorded, CD quality, computer based files yield the utmost in clarity

Can get off station, causing static and noise instead of music and money making commercials

Limited commercial availability if any

Weather vulnerable

Drive employees crazy

Runs 24/7 unattended, shuffles commercials to break pattern of repeats

Keeps playing commercials that are doing you no good

Runs 24/7 unattended, repeats soon

Keeps playing if the weather cooperates

Runs 24/7 until you smash it to pieces!

Bringing People, Product & Promotion TogetherTM

Why partner with Vendors for ads?
Wider selection of commercials are available from our many vendors

Our group buying power with national vendors makes more commercials available for your selection

Regional vendors

National vendors - using name brand recognition to attract your customers

Tie in vendor commercials to sales/promo buys for reduced purchasing costs

Co-op advertising dollars could be offered by vendors
Provides variety of commercials for your audience of customers
Vendor-provided professional recordings available
Why In Your Ear Audio Advertising? 
Individualized ads to store level, even in chain/franchise operations

You could advertise:
  • Employee of the month in this store
  • Local pricing across chain – prices can be regional/local as opposed to chain wide
  • Local public service messages – pet shelter, ASPCA, homeless shelter, CHOW, etc)

We assign our team that works with your chain for consistency

Many voices, languages, accents, ethnic capabilities

Professionally recorded commercials are made in our own studios

No hardware cost, no maintenance cost – included in the cycle - if system breaks down we send a replacement, we don’t try to repair it on site on your time
Why delay? 
Call us to set up an appointment and let us show you how playing music in your store can make you money.

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